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EXAMS: The unthoughtful moments


In ecstatic moods am I

Holding the hopes high in the deep blue

Leading forward each stride towards glory

Increasing momentum; loss of sleep

Velocity’s raised far beyond ceiling

Magnificence behold within by me

Edgy, slothful, mind tiring days

Those last winning moments CRAZE

Flamboyant I seem but iffy I am

Victory seems to be sitting adjacent to me

Between thousands of buds opening aloud in anxiety

I espied myself to be one

Few more seconds to go


Copyright © Ushma Patel

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Golden Garden

Walking around on sunburned grass

In splindlied warm summer day

To enjoy manifest charm of nature

That invited me with its overstretched arms

Melodious musical mussing and murmurings of bird chirps

Walking around spotted black-orange


Unbeliveable that an unkept garden behold absolute beauty

A field of unsaid happiness

Clear and bright blue sky

Died flowers and weeds rotted in cracked soil

Unobserved passed by me

The flow within the breeze

Yellow harvest moon shine in the eyes

Sparkling stars dazzles the mood

Enchanted spellbound changed into crimson floral days

Such a vibrant majestic mystery.

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I wonder through green grassy glades

Valleys hidden in darkness

Every step I take after detailed converse

And leads me to path far and wide

Peaceful place where I can unburden myself

Blessings that fills my day

Light of heaven into creation of crafted colours

Sweet resemblance paving way for gold

Choices, angel or devil

A unknown diverse spirit hiding in me.

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Life – a sojourn,

No idea of the way.

Life – a path,

No idea of what if you choosed other one.

Life – a roller-coaster,

No idea of quantum of amusement.

Life – a parachuting,

No idea of speed you decend.

Life – a long tunnel,

No idea of it’s end.

Life – a maze,

No idea of exit direction.

Life – a football match,

No idea of the scoreboard.

Life – a box of chocolates,

No idea what savour you will get.

Life – a book,

No idea what punctuation covered.

Life – the universe.

It never stops changing…

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Silent Snow

Pure white beautiful creation

Delicate tiny flake into water

Felt wet snow on my dry cold skin

Icy hands, icy toes

Fluffy cold not so generous

Those crystal clear beads

Heaven on earth

Ice brook flows from glaciers

Warm sun, like a lamp

Snow covered dark green

Frosting snowballs play

With saviour hot maggie

Unexpected treat

A visit unforgettable.