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Magnificently mythical

In times,

we bloom in life’s greatest strength.

Shining down in just a glance

it’s radiance upon creations

forever illuminating grandest intentions.

In times,

we find the truth of manifesting prowess –

accepting unprep for such graciousness

the path of lives allow

us to exactly where we are now.

In times,

we bathe in purity of luminescence,
a true saintly soul – quintessence

cleansing emotional spirit graciously

us to release all the muddle flawlessly

In times,

we realize our true worth.

And finally breathe in mirth

in will of greatness polite,

infusing world with creative light.

By Ushma Patel

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Sparkling Sunrise

Is our independence autarky?

And it’s stepping stones muscular

Pen as sword; peace as weapon

Oh! My motherland, prophet with pusher.

Is liberty a privilege?

And a crowning glory to a provoker

Ichor as harmony; sadism as defen

Oh! My kingdom bore peaceful chaos.

Is this democracy an ideal form?

And manifest system’s customer

Fight or obey; imp or zephon

Oh! My federation partly truth with fiction

Dream to fly, added potential

Triumph assured though unrushed.

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Rose’ed up Life

Poem inspired by an old painting

A wilted rose

is but dead beauty.

A life not chose

yet sworn to duty…

Through lows and highs

somehow she still grows;

So too is life

like that of rose!

Like a clock and mirror

each has two hands and a face.

But take away the hands they wear;

and only time is erased…

Love can be the cure,

when laugh becomes a tear.

But can the rose endure,

when anger breaks the mirror…

And the broken glass

cuts like the rose’s thorn.

But take away the future and past;

And the rose is never born!

Copyright © USHMA PATEL

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Merry time with ‘Maritime’


Copyright © USHMA PATEL

The sludgy oozy nemo, surpassed my leisurely toes;

The velvety glossy sand, struggles beneath, I Froze!

The hissing swishing wind, fluttered my wavy hairs;

The crashing ebbing waves, swirrled me around, I Share!



The loving satin touch of endless blue, crystallized the soul within me;

The astonishing divine sacrament of Baptism applaud to mystery maker, I Glee!

The infinite designing energy, glided in inspire;

The homely homesick feel drowned in the lap of seabed, I Admire!



The conspiring radiant sun, shadowed me on the ocean;

The inspiring mystic palm, like ship on breezeless calm, I Float!

It’s . . . . .

The wildcard was the moon,

had an definite power soon.

The majestic creamy milky way cheer,

arcading meteors crash, I Fear!


~ By Ushma Patel


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Song of me!!

Craziness is what I wear

Honest is what I am

Jealousy is what I deficit

Cute is what I love

Evil is what I never ever tasted.

Its song of me to me!!

Superiority is my way

Passion is my ride

Life is my friend,

n so no one is my foe.

God is my trust

Friends are my purlieu.

Its song of me to me!!

Travel is source to learn

Home is where I lay

Success is my desire;

which I turned to want,

n so did I reap.

Gesture is what made me who I am

Pun is just what I demand.

Its song of me to me!!

Dignity is my woww

Simplicity is my now

Psychology is my recreation

N conscience is my dearest

Happiness is my maxim

That is who me is!

Its our song to us!!

Its our song

In my way.

Its song of me

Which all bore in deep.

Its song of me to me!!

Copyright © Ushma Patel

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EXAMS: The unthoughtful moments


In ecstatic moods am I
Holding the hopes high in the deep blue
Leading forward each stride towards glory
Increasing momentum; loss of sleep
Velocity’s raised far beyond ceiling
Magnificence behold within by me
Edgy, slothful, mind tiring days
Those last winning moments CRAZE
Flamboyant I seem but iffy I am
Victory seems to be sitting adjacent to me
Between thousands of buds opening aloud in anxiety
I espied myself to be one
Few more seconds to go

Copyright © Ushma Patel