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Console the Soul

I chase horizons

Questing after the unattainable

Winds here are unchained –

no fear of stagnation.

Memories like brook

flowing colours shimmering

unlocks reality of past in front of you

luminescence from within.

Unfold this origami;

one after another the layers

begin to untuck like a gate opening

to untouched and vulnerable

Holding space for new beginnings,

for boundlessness and joy,

set efforts in re-establishing over and over

as radiant as sunrise & sunset.

Waves moving swiftly tide by tide

overcome the pain’s bliss

Be the sea & swim across the nights

To the depth of which I hope to never reach.

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REBORN: From illiterate to e-literate

A harmonious hard-hitting conspiracy of binary digits
giving us an era of executive Gates’s WINDOWS.
Tech clans; for our future to bequeath build bridges
by criss-cross tangled tentacles of wires like an gizmos.
Why to pirate when you can create
Create a change, RESTART & REBOOT.

Empty Spaces within us, fills up by Song of Silence
Mobiles made us immobile, real replies absent-mindedly given
Technology weren’t built to hide & bring a menace
Alluring lure steals privacy; allowing cyber criminals forgiven
Why poke when you can invoke
Create a change, RESTART & REBOOT

Unacceptable truth; more we are connected the more we disconnect
Becoming dumb Jack, sitting and scrolling with the Right thumb
Stepping beyond Alpha’s and Omega’s is a pleasant green, to select.                                           Logging in to the essence of present, makes us numb. Why Tweet when the birds do it neat
Create a change, RESTART & REBOOT

As the techno advances what are our chances
user friendly gadgets does tasks faster than AMBIDEXTROUS hit
robbing our ability to dream; almost enhances
Thinking in a minute I shall quit but one more hour; here I sit
Why to migrate when u can integrate
Create a change, RESTART & REBOOT.

Split the atom & we get fission mass becomes energy powerful.
But can we split a second; time an illusion, is just lawful.
We are rooted in narrow awareness, now a need to be mindful.
Nature is the master saviour, try to make this world beautiful.
Why haste and waste when u can save the wave
Create a change, RESTART & REBOOT.

Let’s iterate from e-friendly to eco friendly
And be REBORN from illiterate to e-literate.

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Frozen in Time

Disappeared cloud, rustling leaves, hot breeze whizzed;

Dry cracked soil, burned ruthless grass, unasked quizzed:

Beautiful things in this exceptional world; constant surprise

Frogs croaking, changing life in blink of an eye

An elegant innocent peace!

The power of nature unfurled bringing movements in thundering flash

Outside my frenzy dancing window is thick rain drop piercing down, making splash

No crystal clear view, only the solitary confinment where I’m in, blunders

Being on couch curled and shielding myself from unknowly known wonders

Bringing a life anew!

Eyes blinded shut by pitch black darkness, ears catching every drop bath

Loud roar of wind, crashing the door, peeping in seeking for path

Waiting for darkness to fade into the shining kindness

Hopes that don’t fade with the darkness

Dawn awaits in horizon!

Under the pour; I, twirling around, raising hands in the air carefree

Fab fragrance of melodious floret, droplets feel upon; letting my hair free.

Barefoot I dance in velvety green; graceful movements

Eyes to the sky, forgetting sorrow and blissed amusement

Nostalgia contained thoughts in silence!

Brave torrent dashing; a unstoppable downpour; m curled in fragile state

Endless flow weeping sprinkle placid droplets to atmosphere emerged from slithering vague

Ignorant thunder crash; vivid quest that it ask

Bizarre purple death of dusk

Sunday Blues !

You sashay your last move, as usual again

Sunshine after that foggy rain

Fading melodious ornamental tune

Magnificently multicolored rainbow seen in the noon

Washes the world with dazzling light!

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Magnificently mythical

In times,

we bloom in life’s greatest strength.

Shining down in just a glance

it’s radiance upon creations

forever illuminating grandest intentions.

In times,

we find the truth of manifesting prowess –

accepting unprep for such graciousness

the path of lives allow

us to exactly where we are now.

In times,

we bathe in purity of luminescence,
a true saintly soul – quintessence

cleansing emotional spirit graciously

us to release all the muddle flawlessly

In times,

we realize our true worth.

And finally breathe in mirth

in will of greatness polite,

infusing world with creative light.

By Ushma Patel

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Sparkling Sunrise

Is our independence autarky?

And it’s stepping stones muscular

Pen as sword; peace as weapon

Oh! My motherland, prophet with pusher.

Is liberty a privilege?

And a crowning glory to a provoker

Ichor as harmony; sadism as defen

Oh! My kingdom bore peaceful chaos.

Is this democracy an ideal form?

And manifest system’s customer

Fight or obey; imp or zephon

Oh! My federation partly truth with fiction

Dream to fly, added potential

Triumph assured though unrushed.

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Rose’ed up Life

Poem inspired by an old painting

A wilted rose

is but dead beauty.

A life not chose

yet sworn to duty…

Through lows and highs

somehow she still grows;

So too is life

like that of rose!

Like a clock and mirror

each has two hands and a face.

But take away the hands they wear;

and only time is erased…

Love can be the cure,

when laugh becomes a tear.

But can the rose endure,

when anger breaks the mirror…

And the broken glass

cuts like the rose’s thorn.

But take away the future and past;

And the rose is never born!

Copyright © USHMA PATEL

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Merry time with ‘Maritime’


Copyright © USHMA PATEL

The sludgy oozy nemo, surpassed my leisurely toes;

The velvety glossy sand, struggles beneath, I Froze!

The hissing swishing wind, fluttered my wavy hairs;

The crashing ebbing waves, swirrled me around, I Share!



The loving satin touch of endless blue, crystallized the soul within me;

The astonishing divine sacrament of Baptism applaud to mystery maker, I Glee!

The infinite designing energy, glided in inspire;

The homely homesick feel drowned in the lap of seabed, I Admire!



The conspiring radiant sun, shadowed me on the ocean;

The inspiring mystic palm, like ship on breezeless calm, I Float!

It’s . . . . .

The wildcard was the moon,

had an definite power soon.

The majestic creamy milky way cheer,

arcading meteors crash, I Fear!


~ By Ushma Patel


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Song of me!!

Craziness is what I wear

Honest is what I am

Jealousy is what I deficit

Cute is what I love

Evil is what I never ever tasted.

Its song of me to me!!

Superiority is my way

Passion is my ride

Life is my friend,

n so no one is my foe.

God is my trust

Friends are my purlieu.

Its song of me to me!!

Travel is source to learn

Home is where I lay

Success is my desire;

which I turned to want,

n so did I reap.

Gesture is what made me who I am

Pun is just what I demand.

Its song of me to me!!

Dignity is my woww

Simplicity is my now

Psychology is my recreation

N conscience is my dearest

Happiness is my maxim

That is who me is!

Its our song to us!!

Its our song

In my way.

Its song of me

Which all bore in deep.

Its song of me to me!!

Copyright © Ushma Patel

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EXAMS: The unthoughtful moments


In ecstatic moods am I

Holding the hopes high in the deep blue

Leading forward each stride towards glory

Increasing momentum; loss of sleep

Velocity’s raised far beyond ceiling

Magnificence behold within by me

Edgy, slothful, mind tiring days

Those last winning moments CRAZE

Flamboyant I seem but iffy I am

Victory seems to be sitting adjacent to me

Between thousands of buds opening aloud in anxiety

I espied myself to be one

Few more seconds to go


Copyright © Ushma Patel

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Golden Garden

Walking around on sunburned grass

In splindlied warm summer day

To enjoy manifest charm of nature

That invited me with its overstretched arms

Melodious musical mussing and murmurings of bird chirps

Walking around spotted black-orange


Unbeliveable that an unkept garden behold absolute beauty

A field of unsaid happiness

Clear and bright blue sky

Died flowers and weeds rotted in cracked soil

Unobserved passed by me

The flow within the breeze

Yellow harvest moon shine in the eyes

Sparkling stars dazzles the mood

Enchanted spellbound changed into crimson floral days

Such a vibrant majestic mystery.