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REBORN: From illiterate to e-literate

A harmonious hard-hitting conspiracy of binary digits
giving us an era of executive Gates’s WINDOWS.
Tech clans; for our future to bequeath build bridges
by criss-cross tangled tentacles of wires like an gizmos.
Why to pirate when you can create
Create a change, RESTART & REBOOT.

Empty Spaces within us, fills up by Song of Silence
Mobiles made us immobile, real replies absent-mindedly given
Technology weren’t built to hide & bring a menace
Alluring lure steals privacy; allowing cyber criminals forgiven
Why poke when you can invoke
Create a change, RESTART & REBOOT

Unacceptable truth; more we are connected the more we disconnect
Becoming dumb Jack, sitting and scrolling with the Right thumb
Stepping beyond Alpha’s and Omega’s is a pleasant green, to select.                                           Logging in to the essence of present, makes us numb. Why Tweet when the birds do it neat
Create a change, RESTART & REBOOT

As the techno advances what are our chances
user friendly gadgets does tasks faster than AMBIDEXTROUS hit
robbing our ability to dream; almost enhances
Thinking in a minute I shall quit but one more hour; here I sit
Why to migrate when u can integrate
Create a change, RESTART & REBOOT.

Split the atom & we get fission mass becomes energy powerful.
But can we split a second; time an illusion, is just lawful.
We are rooted in narrow awareness, now a need to be mindful.
Nature is the master saviour, try to make this world beautiful.
Why haste and waste when u can save the wave
Create a change, RESTART & REBOOT.

Let’s iterate from e-friendly to eco friendly
And be REBORN from illiterate to e-literate.