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Frozen in Time

Disappeared cloud, rustling leaves, hot breeze whizzed;

Dry cracked soil, burned ruthless grass, unasked quizzed:

Beautiful things in this exceptional world; constant surprise

Frogs croaking, changing life in blink of an eye

An elegant innocent peace!

The power of nature unfurled bringing movements in thundering flash

Outside my frenzy dancing window is thick rain drop piercing down, making splash

No crystal clear view, only the solitary confinment where I’m in, blunders

Being on couch curled and shielding myself from unknowly known wonders

Bringing a life anew!

Eyes blinded shut by pitch black darkness, ears catching every drop bath

Loud roar of wind, crashing the door, peeping in seeking for path

Waiting for darkness to fade into the shining kindness

Hopes that don’t fade with the darkness

Dawn awaits in horizon!

Under the pour; I, twirling around, raising hands in the air carefree

Fab fragrance of melodious floret, droplets feel upon; letting my hair free.

Barefoot I dance in velvety green; graceful movements

Eyes to the sky, forgetting sorrow and blissed amusement

Nostalgia contained thoughts in silence!

Brave torrent dashing; a unstoppable downpour; m curled in fragile state

Endless flow weeping sprinkle placid droplets to atmosphere emerged from slithering vague

Ignorant thunder crash; vivid quest that it ask

Bizarre purple death of dusk

Sunday Blues !

You sashay your last move, as usual again

Sunshine after that foggy rain

Fading melodious ornamental tune

Magnificently multicolored rainbow seen in the noon

Washes the world with dazzling light!