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The Women In The Window #BookReview

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A crème da la crème debut of A J Finn “The Women In The Window”

Elaborative (Blurb):

A psychologically ill women Dr.Anna who was a psychiatrist whose life line to real world is her window. She observes all people moving up and down through the street, her various neighbors which are visible in all directions through her Nikon camera zooming.

Its been almost a year that she has been plunged into her lavish 4- storeyed haunted house in NY after a tragic car accident when she lost her husband Ed & daughter Olivia/Livvy with her feline. She rented her basement to a tenant Mr. David who does her errands. She is suffering from Agoraphobia and goes unconscious everytime when she leaves the house for atmost ten steps.

One day she visualizes a murder of Mrs. Jane Russells in a house at opposite street, Anna listens to her shrill. Now, she is not sure if it is real or her imagination. She many a times is used to visualize Ed & Livvy talking to her. And Ed calling out “Guess Who Anna?”

She has many e-friends on Agora website. One is Dr. Fieldings who is her therapist and helps her to come out of her trauma. There is GrannyLizzie on website who soothes Anna with her honey-dipped words of endearment. Vis-à-vis psychopath Lizzie’s e-conversation made Anna pour her heart out which makes her nostalgic into sad happiness about uninvited moments. There is Bina who is her physiotherapist and visits her home weekly. There is a family of Russells who has recently shifted here. One day Ethan Russell, 16, visits her house to deliver a gift offered from his mother. Very often Ethan starts visiting her and she feels closeness and guise with him as a sweet child. Jane once or twice comes to her house spends long many enjoyable hours with her , play chess, drink wine, listens to old songs… They share a common birthdate Eleven-Eleven. This is for the first time she has a real person to be with for so many hours after the catastrophe. Thus builds Anna sweet companionship with Jane & hence forth watches her die. Now Anna is upto uncover the mystery by all means as demon within her heart always pines.
Wesley Brill was her business partner, psychiatrist, her graduate school mentor, a single, the one who recruited Anna into private practice. Anna had an affair with Brill which was revealed to her husband while she was driving the car and the mishap took place and she bore within guilt of killing her loved ones doubting her decisions.

Detective Mr. Little and his assistant Norelli who are willing to help her in solving the case. A neighbour’s kid , Takeda boy once helps her reach home from café when she somehow manages to going out for spying. Mr.Alistair Russell , Ethan’s father who was hard on Jane . He proves his wife is alive and not dead. Mrs. Jane is a different person than she had met. Then the question is Who She Was.

Review :

  • How aghast would u feel when u come to know that a stranger is staring you, roaming in your room every night when you enjoy sleeping?
  • How would you feel when an old aged person, an imposter, ditches you & hacks out all of your passcodes for cellphone, computer, social media accounts, websites… ?
  • How would you feel when your privacy is trespassed ?
  • How would u feel when your home keys are stolen and duplicated without your knowledge ?

The words “Guess Who Anna” shall haunt u for some days after reading this extravaganza.

It’s a millipede-centipede story in the beginning, goin on building characters and their habits as well as their psychology. And at a point the story escalates you in a roller coaster ride with increased momentum which shall trap u immersing yourself in them. Book which is enigmatic, notoriety, love, worries, giggles, turmoil, idiomatic, unique, weird – all at once.

Anthology of old movies played in background on Anna’s TV set as a sub-theme under its belly, precisely depicts her real life feelings on that spur which shall trigger your beats. It’s a book full of surprises in store as u unlock and unveil the pages the momentum goes on increasing abruptly keeping you occupied. It hold creditability of being “upto the mark” written debut. Readers shall awfully await for a new one. A chess-mate book. Book is intrinsic reflection of a person’s mind. It’s an integration of kaleidoscopic palpable thoughts.


Austere Villan himself chuckles beneath night and nightmare is carved and tangled his devious lies. Book emphasis flaws-cracks and repercussions of Anna who trusted a wicked e-person later on became protagonist and acolyte of truth. Also mistrusting nice person like tenant David was her ‘faux pas’. I too always thought it was her handsome and flamboyant tenant. Such a saturated crime! It shows people are reluctant towards parents and have a special soft corner towards children. They feel kids are always innocent, there lies the innocence within. Ethan a.k.a Lizzie! But there is nothing like a perfect crime. You always have to rethink when you think.

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  1. Book contains fine thoughts and some real comman life situations which puts us into thoughts and nostalgia.
    It’s really a cream de la cream debut


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